Synergy Aerospace, Inc. (SAI) is an Engineering and Technical Services firm based in Southern Maryland.

Some of their specialities include the following:

EW Simulation

Success in the modern battlefield requires the integration of key weapons systems with suites of electronic warfare hardware. Synergy has the expertise to support Electronic Combat Stimulation, Battlespace Modeling, and Instrumentation in a full-spectrum synthetic environment.

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Unmanned Air Systems

Unmanned systems are essential to the US national defense strategy. Our Engineers are a key part of DoD UAS payload development, systems engineering and test and evaluation.

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Tactical EW Aircraft

Synergy’s team is critical to the RDT&E of Electronic Warfare assets, and tactical aircraft mission system testing. Our capabilities to evaluate integrated EW suites with Matlab expertise provide our DoD customers with the best analysis to improve and perfect the EW aircraft fleet.

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DoDAF Architecture

As part of the JCIDS process, the DoD has mandated development of DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF)-compliant architecture in support of the Net-Ready KPP’s. Our personnel are highly skilled in designing information flow charts and system interface descriptions on DoD platforms.

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