Unmanned Air Systems

RQ-21A Launch

The Navy expects to invest a growing share of its aviation research dollars in unmanned aircraft as it seeks to extend the reach and endurance of its Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets.

Scan Eagle

Synergy has provided unmanned DoD programs extensive support for over 10 years.


With engineers specializing in tactical and intelligence gathering aircraft, our team has worked to provide the following platforms with cutting edge technology, RDT&E, ...

... and systems integration:

  • RQ-21A Integrator
  • RQ-8B Fire Scout
  • RQ-7 Shadow
  • Group I UAVs, T-Hawk, Raven, Wasp

Our team currently provides the following services to UAS DoD organizations:
  • Requirements development and analysis
  • Weapons analysis and integration
  • Communication Relay payload design and development
  • Test and Evaluation supporting entire life cycle thru IOT&E
  • Advanced Development to support future payloads and UAS technologies
  • ISR Services supporting deployment and ship installation and to world-wide operations
  • Engineering and Enterprise Architecture development and Information assurance