Capabilities & Services


With extensive electronic warfare backgrounds, our Synergy team provides a blend of specialized skills and experienced management to the synthetic warfare environment, software engineering and hardware integration.

We have successfully applied this experience to the modeling and simulation (M&S) and RDT&E communities in the form of both services and products associated with the following disciplines:

  • Non-Cooperative Target Identification systems for all DoD services
  • Radar stimulation of leading-edge DoD Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radars
  • Electronic Warfare antenna measurement in DoD Laboratories
  • Analysis of Radar Warning Receivers (RWR), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), and electronic jammers
  • Test procedures and data analysis of ESM Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) suites
  • ACETEF Support (Engineering, Test Setup, Infrastructure Development)
  • Chamber Calibration


RQ-21A Integrator | Group I UAVs T-Hawk, Raven, Wasp |

The Navy expects to invest a growing share of its aviation research dollars in unmanned aircraft as it seeks to extend the reach and endurance of its Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets.

Our team currently provides the following services to UAS DoD organizations:

  • Requirements development and analysis
  • Weapons analysis and integration
  • Communication Relay payload design and development
  • Test and Evaluation supporting entire life cycle thru IOT&E
  • Advanced Development to support future payloads and UAS technologies
  • ISR Services supporting deployment and ship installation and to world-wide operations
  • Engineering and Enterprise Architecture development and Information assurance


EA-18G Growler

Our engineers bring hands-on experience and deep technical knowledge to the fields of tactical aircraft research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E), aircraft survivability, aircraft avionics, weapons systems integration, combat identification systems, and electronic warfare (EW). The NAVAIR/NAWCAD organizations have relied on Synergy’s technical RDT&E, systems engineering, and program support for its tactical aircraft, jamming platforms and electronic countermeasures as well as laboratory analytical tools and measurement devices.

Navy EW Tactical Aircraft

Specialists in EW receivers and jamming capabilities provide test requirements, procedures and analysis.

Synergy Engineers have developed multiple analysis techniques and tools to measure Radio Frequency (RF) geo-location, Antenna response, and post-flight data from platform radar, electronic and optical sensors.


Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a commercial practice that is being rapidly adopted by the DoD community. With a model-based approach, systems engineers can define the functionality and design of a system with more fidelity and accuracy than the traditional paper specification approach.